13th March Home Ground 5pm - 8pm

3rd Apr  Home Ground 5pm - 8pm

4th Apr The Haus 7pm - 10pm

12th Apr Marion Hotel 2pm 5pm

1st May Home Ground 5pm - 8pm

3rd May  Beresford Wines 11 - 5pm

8th May The Arkaba  4pm - 7pm

31st May The Pretoria 12:30pm - 4:30pm

7th May  Beresford Wines 11 - 5pm

12th May Home Ground 5pm - 8pm

4th June Home Ground 4pm - 7pm

8th Aug The Haus 7pm - 10pm

9th Aug Beresford Wines 11 - 5pm

21st Aug Home Ground 5pm - 8pm

4th Oct Beresford Wines 11 - 5pm




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